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surgical protocol

On nous demande souvent comment se préparer adéquatement à une chirurgie par homéopathie. Le remède principal à utiliser est l'Arnica Montana, qui favorise la cicatrisation et la réparation des tissus.

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Monthly Cure


Dulcamara really is the perfect remedy for automn. The common name of this plant is Bittersweet and we use it in homeopathy for all patients who are sensitive to wet cold. This remedy is used to treat pulmonary diseases, skin affection and joint pain, especially if those are worsened by wet cold or if they appear in autumn.

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Consultation services

Private office Consultation Service

We offer private consultation services in office or via Skype with one of our homeopaths. Our homeopaths, Jacques Beaudoin, Marie Cantin, Chantal Héaulmé, Michel Groleau and Yvan Bourgault, are

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