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New Products

Monthly Cure

Preparation of remedies

We have hundreds of homeopathic stocks and homeopathic plant tinctures.

We are therefore able to create remedies which correspond perfectly to your needs or that correspond to what your therapist suggested you.

Our slogan perfectly sums up our way of thinking : Customised remedies... because you are UNIQUE !

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Monthly tips


The controversy about massive vaccination keeps animating conversations and debates. While certain people claim we should use vaccination at any cost before vaccins are adequatly tested, others rather see in it an assasin conspiracy willing to eradiquate people from earth at the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry. 

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Consultation services

Private office Consultation Service

We offer private consultation services in office with one of our homeopath. 

Our homeopaths, Jacques Beaudoin, Marie Cantin, Chantal Héaulmé and Michel Groleau, are

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